Seville Lettering Co Shop Launch!

Hand drawn hand lettered wax seal/wax stamp, wax seal kit | Seville Lettering Company

Hello, hello! We're so glad that you're here! The Seville Lettering Company shop has been a long time dream of ours and we are so excited to make it a reality.

Our hope is that our products will bring simplicity to your life without sacrificing on the design and quality of the products. We wanted to give you a little bit of background behind the inspiration of our products. 

Congrats hand lettered gold foil greeting card | Seville Lettering Company greeting cards

Greeting Cards
Greeting cards have always been one of those things that are difficult for me to pick out. I would spend 15 minutes in the card aisle only to walk away empty handed. I wanted to create a line of cards for a variety of occasions to simplify sending or giving cards. Our cards have minimal designs with gold foil accents to give the best of both worlds; simple with a touch of uniqueness. 

Hand drawn hand lettered wax seal/wax stamp, wax seal kit | Seville Lettering Companywax seals

Wax Seals
After creating a line of simplified greeting cards, I wanted to create something that could easily add a personalized touch to a card. As a throwback to older times, I created a line of wax seals with custom drawn and curated designs. Adding a wax seal to the envelope creates a personalized touch to a simple card. I’m really proud to sell the stamps (hand lettered or drawn by yours truly) along with the wax in our shop!

Hand lettered gold foil art print | Seville Lettering Company gold foil art prints

Art Prints
I’ve always loved simple and minimal art personally and in my own home. Our art print designs stem directly from these two categories. The gold foil adds a really pretty and thoughtful touch to the simplified design of the art print. Our prints paired with our handmade frames make a great gift. 

Thanks so much for all of your support as we have launched our shop! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or just to say hi! 

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