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Copper Penny Wax Beads

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Copper Penny is shimmery copper peach color, that reminds of the shiny copper pennies that you sometimes find. Wax beads are simple and easy to use for everyday projects. We recommend using 3-4 beads per wax seal. 

*1 Jar is approximately 175 beads

To use: 

1. Place three (3) wax beads in wax spoon

2. Melt over a candle or heat source

3. Pour hot wax onto project surface (i.e. envelope seal)

4. Press with your favorite wax stamp design

5. Let sit for approx. 20 seconds or until wax is cooled

For more information on how to use wax beads, view this post: 

Copper Penny wax is also offered in wax sticks and wax glue sticks.